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Mouldings – A Great Investment!

Moulding Ideas

Did you know that mouldings are one of the most cost effective investments you can make when building a new home or renovating?

MDF mouldings are economical and can be combined to create a very impressive and distinctive look and feel. They add depth and contrast to a room, and come resale time, they will pay you back wisely. Here are some ideas to consider as part of your window replacement plan:

Upsize your mouldings

This is one of the most economical means of adding character to a room, and even the most basic mouldings are now available in a variety of sizes.

Combine mouldings to create a unique look

Moulding elements can be combined to create very unique appearances and will add considerable depth and contrast to a room, even if you choose just a single paint colour for the room.


Moulding Ideas - Bytown LUmber


Add a wainscott under the window to create warmth and bring the windows “into” the room

Wainscotting adds tremendous character to any room.

Use a chair rail to create a unique look.

This permits you to really play around with colours. Your palette can include complementary colours for the lower part of the wall, the upper part, and the chair rails and mouldings.

Add plinths to the base of your doors to make them come alive

This is a very inexpensive means of finishing off the door detail at the base.

Add corner blocks to your window casings

This is a very simple and cost effective means of adding “bite” to your trim. And it’s very economical.

Consider architraves above your doors and Windows

An architrave is just a big header that sits above the door. It can consist of a single piece, or multiple elements that are built up to create a major contrast.