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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows and doors are a must nowadays with rising energy costs. Particularly in Canada’s tough climate, windows, doors and skylights can be major sources of heat loss in a home.

Energy StarENERGY STAR® is a Canadian government initiative designed to help consumers identify products that meet certain standards of energy consumption (e.g. household appliances) or energy efficiency (e.g. doors and windows).

In 2010, the federal government issued these guidelines for the labeling and promotion of windows, doors and skylights as ENERGY STAR® compliant. To be ENERGY STAR® qualified, products must be optimized to meet the specific environmental demands of the geography in which they are sold. For example, windows in northern states should help reduce heat loss in the winter.

Many of the windows and doors products we supply qualify for the ENERGY STAR® label. Our experts can also guide you to select the most energy efficient window style for your particular location or application.

We recommend this helpful graphic describing how to read an ENERGY STAR® label.

Helpful Resources on Energy Efficiency

Our Manufacturers’ Sustainability Initiatives

Beyond the ENERGY STAR® rating, our manufacturers undertake other sustainability initiatives in their products and manufacturing processes. For example:

  • JELD-WEN’s Environmental Stewardship includes a variety of measures that reduce the company’s manufacturing environmental impact, carbon footprint, VOCs and more. Learn more here »
  • Milette applies various sustainable development practices in its materials and manufacturing processes. Learn more here »