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Window Replacement

There are two main types of window replacement projects: retrofit and tear-out.

A retrofit is an insert and only the sashes and stops are removed from the old window. The existing frame remains in place and a new window is installed within the old frame. A retrofit is a good way to preserve existing or heritage trims. However, it is less energy efficient and it reduces the size of the glass panes, in comparison to a tear-out window replacement.

In a tear-out window replacement, the entire window, its frame, brickmould etc. is removed and replaced. Existing interior and exterior trims and window coverings are removed and likely replaced. This method of window replacement provides the greatest amount of visible (glass) area and it allows the homeowner to take full advantage of modern energy efficiency.

We are experienced in both types of replacement window projects. Please contact us to measure, specify, quote, supply and install your window replacement project.