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Installation & Replacement FAQs

Window and Door Installation and Replacement FAQs

How Long has Bytown Lumber been in business?

A. Bytown Lumber has been in business for 114 years

Can Installation be done in the winter?

A. Yes, we do install all throughout the year, excluding extreme weather conditions

How long is the delivery time once an order is placed?

A. Generally 4-5 weeks after the order is placed

How do I take care of my new windows?

A. Please refer to the section on “Maintenance & Care”

Can I get a quote online or over the phone?

A. Yes you can get a price over the phone or through email but if we are able to sit down with you or come to your home to see the project we are able to give you a more competitive price.

What are the steps in buying windows & doors from Bytown Lumber?

A. We are pleased to offer in-home service whereby one of our specialists will visit at your convenience in order to take measurements and provide suggestions and advice to you. We will then follow up with a firm and written proposal. Once accepted, one of our expert installers will visit at your convenience to meet you, answer any questions you may have prior to installation, and take final measurements. Once ordered, windows typically take 4-5 weeks to be manufactured. Our operations will contact you to set up an installation time that suits your schedule, and once completed, we follow up with you to ensure that everything has been completed to your liking and that you are satisfied with your window and/or door purchase from Bytown Lumber.

What is the warranty?

A. Our warranties are specific to the manufacturer that you choose and are provided as part of the quoting process. Feel free to ask any particular questions to your representative. Of course, all of our products are from quality, reputable suppliers wit very solid warranties.

Is there a charge to an in home estimate?

A. In home estimate are 100% free and with no obligation whatsoever on your part.

Do you provide installation or can I just by the product and have someone else install the windows and doors?

A. We will gladly install our windows an doors using best practices and trained, certified carpenters and offer you a comprehensive labour warranty.  If you are interested in only purchasing product because you have someone you know who can install it properly we are more than happy to do this. Just be sure that the installer is providing you with a labour warranty, carries liability insurance, and will accept responsibility for any damage,  errors and omissions. Remember – windows and doors are a major investment and it’s important to protect yourself in such circumstances.

 What brand of windows and doors do you sell?

A. Our main supplier is Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors which are manufactured in Quebec, and Gentek Windows which are manufactured in London Ontario. All of the products we carry are proudly Canadian, designed for our harsh climates and offer comprehensive warranties.

 Are there different colors available?

A. There is a wide range of standard colors, and also many custom colors if you are looking for something different to complement your home.

Are there many different styles to choose from? What if I want something really different?

A. We offer a huge selection of window and door styles, and you can literally customize everything to your liking – operators, materials, finishes, trim, insulating value, glass details – if you can dream, chances are we can make it!